PDF Search missing in Windows 7 (64-Bit)

For some reason the 64-bit versions of Windows has a problem indexing PDF files. Windows Search uses IFilter to help it index files, and the PDF IFilter for 64-bit Windows is missing. (This probably applies to 64-bit Vista and 64-bit XP as well).

To detect whether a computer has the IFilter installed or not open Indexing Options from Control Panel:



Choose Advanced:



Find the PDF extension on File Types tab:


As shown above PDF Filter Description says Registered IFilter Is Not Found



To fix this problem download and install:

Adobe PDF iFilter 64-bit


When everything is installed your filter description for pdf extensions should say “PDF Filter” instead of “Registered IFilter Is Not Found” in Indexing Advanced Options:



Before being able to search PDF-files the Index has to be rebuild. This is done by clicking Rebuild i Indexing Advanced Options:




Please note: Rebuilding index can take a long time if your disks contains large amount of data.